Welcome to Hitech Fasteners Wholesale

Hitech Fasteners opened its doors in July, 1996 to fill a void in the fastener market for small fasteners.

Concentrating on providing service at competitive pricing, with the emphasis on ex stock availability, Hitech Fasteners today is acknowledged by customers and competitors alike as the market leader in small fasteners.

At Hitech Fasteners we make sure you get what you ordered when you need it and our aim is to grow our business by increasing yours.

Hitech Fasteners – Our service never stops.


Screws - Metal Threads, Thread Rolling, Sems Assembly & Security

  • Hi-Tites & Hi-Plas (Thread Rolling Screws) Steel Zinc
  • Steel Zinc Pan Head Metal Thread Screws (Zinc Blue & Black)
  • Steel Zinc Csk Head Metal Thread Screws
  • Steel Zinc Round Head Metal Thread Screws
  • Steel Zinc Unified Pan and Csk Metal Threads
  • Steel Zinc BA Cheese & Csk Metal Threads
  • Steel Zinc Cheese Head Metal Thread Screws
  • Steel Zinc Sems Assembly Screws
  • Steel Zinc Roofing Bolts (Mush Head)
  • Steel Zinc Mush Head Nibbed (Paint Scraper)
  • Brass Pan Head Machine Screws
  • Brass Csk Head Machine Screws
  • Brass Round Head Machine Screws
  • Brass Cheese Head Machine Screws (Metric & B.A
  • Security Metal Thread Screw - Zinc Alloy Plated - Post Combination Recess

Self Tappers, Hammer Drives, Wood & Decking Screws

  • Self Tapping Screw - Pan Head Zinc
  • Self Tapping Screw - Csk Head Zinc
  • Self Tapping Screw - Mechanically Galvanised Pan & Csk
  • Self Tapping Screw - Black Zinc - Pan, Csk & Flange
  • U-Drive/Hammer Drive Screws Steel Zinc
  • Bugle Batten Decking Screw T17 Grade 316 (marine grade) Stainless - Square Drive
  • Solid Brass Wood Screws - Csk Slot
  • Steel *Brass Plated* Wood Screw  - Csk & Round

Nuts, Rivets, Washers, Driver Bits, Thumb & Wing Screws

  • Hexagon Nuts Steel Zinc (Metric,Imperial,Unified & BA)
  • Hexagon Nuts Brass (Metric, Imperial & B.A)
  • Dome Nuts Steel Chrome Plated
  • Dome Nuts Steel H.D Galvanised
  • Wing Nuts Steel Zinc
  • Wing Nuts Brass
  • Thumb Screws (Shoulderless) Steel Zinc
  • Wing Screws Steel Zinc
  • Driver Bits (Hex 1/4 A/F)
  • Solid Rivets (Mush & Round)
  • Brass Flat Round Washers

Pins, Clips & Hexagon Mild Steel Bolts & Set Screws

  • Split (Cotter) Pins Steel Zinc
  • R-Clips (Humpback Pins/Hitch Pins) Zinc & Stainless
  • Double Coil R-Clips Steel Zinc
  • Hi-Spring (hi-tensioned R-Clip)
  • Linch Pins & Shaft Locking Pins (Zinc Yellow & Stainless)
  • Hair Pin Retainer Clips Steel Zinc
  • Clevis Pins Steel Zinc Plated
  • Hexagon Bolts Mild Steel (imperial & Metric)
  • Hexagon Set Screws Mild Steel (imperial & Metric)